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Posted on 08-17-2018

Protect Your Beloved Pets Through Spaying & Neutering at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital

When you own a pet, you must do everything you can to protect their health, including getting them neutered and spayed. Fully understanding the benefits of the procedures and that it is an important part of pet ownership will help you decide to have our Columbus vet spay or neuter your pet. 

cat and dog getting spayed and neutered

The Differences Between Spay & Neuter 

Spaying a female dog involves removing the uterus and both ovaries. Neutering a male doge involves removing both testicles and spermatic cords. 

When these surgeries are completed, your Columbus-area pets will be unable to reproduce. Research has shown that altered pets have a longer life expectancy than pets that have not been spayed or neutered. 

Why is This Process So Beneficial?

The most significant benefit of this procedure is controlling the pet population. Every year, millions of pets are euthanized just because there aren't enough homes in which to place them. Sadly, hundreds are destroyed in the Columbus area alone. Spaying and neutering your pets keep this problem from getting out of control and reduces the strain on animal shelters. 

Female pets altered before their first heat cycle have a significantly reduced chance of developing breast, uterine and ovarian cancer. The surgery also eliminates the chance of uterus infections, common in unsprayed older pets. Neutering a male pet before they are sexually mature markedly decreases the chances of prostate gland problems and tumors around the rectum. In addition, they will have less desire to roam the neighborhood and may decrease aggressive behavior.

Recovery Time and Tips for Surgery Recovery

The recovery time for this surgery will vary depending on your pet. A few ways you can improve their surgery recovery include:

  • Don't let them jump and try to restrict their activity for at least two weeks 
  • Put an Elizabethan collar on them to control licking if needed
  • Avoid bathing them for at least two weeks 
  • Limit their activity with other pets until they are fully recovered 
  • Provide them with pain medication if they seem uncomfortable 

If you think this procedure is right for your pet, please call us at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital at 614-239-0027. 

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