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Posted on 03-20-2017

March 23rd is National Puppy Day!

Puppy sitting on table

In 2006, Colleen Paige made a widely known fact official by creating National Puppy Day. That fact is that puppies are special and provide the world with a great deal of joy and love. They deserve to receive the same kind of joy and love from their owners and their communities. It was in that year that March 23rd became known as National Puppy Day around the world, and it exists to encourage adoption and rescue of puppies of all ages from rescue centers and humane societies, as well as to discourage the often inhumane practices of puppy mills or other large breeding facilities. 

What to Do For National Puppy Day

Those who are able to are encouraged to adopt a puppy on that day to join their family, or to take special care to spread a little extra love to the dog that they already have. Those who are not in a position to adopt a puppy or older dog can celebrate the day by offering to help care for someone else's puppy, donate to the Humane Society or local rescue groups, or simply renew their commitment to take extra good care of the dog or puppy they already have. This includes making sure that their puppy has the veterinary care that they need to grow up as healthy as possible. At Hamilton Road Animal Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, our veterinarians are committed to your puppy's wellness, whether you are bringing him in for his first exam or are making sure his vaccines are up to date, our full-service animal clinic is here to help with all the wellness needs of your dog or cat. Here are some of the ways the right veterinary care can help you care for your puppy and help him achieve the best quality of life possible.

Puppy Vaccination at Hamilton Road Animal Hospital

Both puppies and older dogs need a variety of vaccines throughout their lives to help them stay healthy and to ensure that other dogs, humans, and other pets do not become infected with these contagious and infectious diseases.  Our animal clinic offers the recommended vaccines against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus, and well as Rabies.  In order to develop the correct immunity, puppies should start receiving their vaccines at 6-8 weeks and be given boosters every 3-4 weeks until they are 16-18 weeks of age, as well annual boosters. For pets with other risk factors such as boarding, grooming or training classes other vaccines may be recommended.

What Training Does a Puppy Need?

Not every puppy needs to grow up to be a show dog or an agility champ, however, a little training goes a long way toward a strong relationship between a dog and their owner. For most owners, the first level of training is housebreaking. Making sure that a puppy learns to do his business in an appropriate location can make life a lot easier for everyone. Many owners also want their puppy to learn basic obedience commands as well, such as to stay or come when they are called. When puppies are able to start these classes early, they tend to have an easier time with the lessons and leads to a better behaved dog later on. Some puppies take to training better than others and will enjoy learning tricks to please you and may even serve their communities.

Sometimes, puppy behavior can seem odd as well as endearing, and as your Columbus veterinarians, we can perform an examination and help you determine whether behaviors such as excessive scratching, chewing, licking, or barking is due to a health concern or if there is something that needs to change in your household. We screen for conditions such as heartworms and intestinal parasites and provide treatment options if the tests are positive and preventive medications.

Setting Up a Strong Future With Your Puppy

Most puppies are destined to stay and live with their owners for many years to come, and there are two other services that we provide that can help assure a satisfying experience; spay or neuter services and microchipping.  A pet's microchip is a small implant the size of a grain of rice that is placed under the skin and will help identify your puppy should he ever get loose or lost. Spay or neuter surgery does more than sterilize your puppy to prevent pregnancy or fatherhood, but it can also help curtail aggressive tendencies, and help protect against some cancers and other health problems.

Whether your puppy is adopted on National Puppy Day, or you have had him for years, at Hamilton Road Pet Hospital, we look forward to playing our part in his care and wellness for years to come. Our animal clinic serves  Columbus, Whitehall, Bexley, Reynoldsburg, Gahanna, Pickerington, and Groveport. Contact us at 614-239-0027 to schedule an appointment.

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